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I thank God that He has given even one person the thought of 'me'. We all need those who stand behind us silently and especially prayerfully. You are probably the ones keeping me standing when I am ready to give up. You are that nudge I feel and look around and no one is there. Thank you.

Did I tell you I was self-publishing my books? In an ebook, page turning formats. I have decided to call my company Wade-In Publishing. I continue to send out the random query and enter contests (mostly the free ones), but to no avail. I'm just not in the mood for rejection right now. I have been learning a little HTML and some FTP all which is BS and mind boggling to me.

I have enlarged my library with books from 1/2 Price Bookstores and also was blessed with the Screenwriters Software and joined a few online writers guilds. My prayer is, if I can get something generated myself, maybe a traditional publisher or agent will look me up. I have even been working on my other web/blog pages. Those who don't work don't eat.
Don't think I am not writing. I have quite a few things going. I am excited about this venture.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Nancy you are going to be just fine. We all go through times of self doubt and envy. The devil wants us to think that everyone that is going down his crooked road is doing better. It's atrick to get you to despair. DONT! I pray for your success even before my own. You are talented and your day will come. Remember I told you so.

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