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There are many things I have seen people work hard to accomplish that I congratulate them on, but the workings of God, the way an infant learns, and the loyalty of a dog impresses me more than anything in life.
Today I went to work and played with the twins. Two little humans I take joy in knowing. Though I have only been there a month, the little guys start stressing and fussing from 4-5. their mom finally realized they knew I was leaving. I knew this for over two weeks. I can read the signs. For some reason babies and little kids like me. I see it in their eyes in stores and just about everywhere. One of the twins has serious stranger anxiety issues and yet he never showed it to me, not even on our first meeting. Funny what babies know instinctively. These babies have learned a lot within the past month. They have learned to sit alone,hold their bottles, to crawl, to put small toys within larger toys. To twist knobs, flick hanging balls and to eat table food. What impresses me is the quickness of the growth in knowledge. Everyone learns, but infants have to learn the basic rudimentary movements in life and yet they pretty much learn on their own. A great thing God has made.Tonight I was riding home from work and saw a flash in the sky. At first I was like "its going to rain" no big deal same-o same-o and then I saw the light was coming from a particular cloud every few minutes. It was amazing to see the cloud flickering on and off as if someone was playing with a light switch. Isn't God amazing?
as for the dog..what can I say that Holli hasn't.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

It's not just babies that attach themselves to you. You have such a magnetic charm about you people can't help but liking you and wanting to be around you. Those parents are sooo lucky to have you.

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