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Sometimes I feel sick for home, for Beaumont. So many things have changed I'm like a little kid in a new world. everything is different and when I get on this page I feel like I should be in the house on Park. Everything takes getting used too. It seems to be forever since I last wrote, forever since I read a blog. Living in Houston is taking a bit of getting used to. I love it here, but the travel from home to work is strenuous. Not only do I have to teach myself to be relaxed in traffic, I have to teach myself (after nearly eight years) to get out of the house, I have been so used to staying home, running a business from the home and just depending on myself that it is a strain on me mentally and physically. My greatest fear is being lost, alone, and in the dark.

I thank God for knowing where my path would lead before I. During the Ike storm I had splurged and bought myself a Black (beautiful burgundy) Berry Curve, for a while I had smacked myself around (all in my mind) for being frivolous and now I know why I have it. It has a voice activated navigational system. I don’t get lost and I have found three new ways home (on the street) and don’t have to endure the two hour drive on the highway. I just connect, push in the headset and I’m on my way. Whew.

God has blessed me with an awesome job, I take care of (mostly sit and watch the parents play) twin nine month old boys. They are half Asian, I only mention this because one looks totally Asian and the other looks Caucasian. The chunkiest cutest babies. One or both of the parents are always home and a lot of the time I am just sitting on the floor watching them play with their babies. God knows I need money and a physical break. My body must still be recuperating from the pneumonia and my heart has been feeling a little strained, painful….anyway I’ll make an appointment.

Don’t think because I haven’t been writing I don’t write. I have almost finished editing my 400 page history e-book. I’m working on it, a new web page, two other fiction novels, and a half dozen children’s books. I’m doing as a writer---I write, just too lazy to read.

I miss all of you, please forgive me for being such a lazy reader, my heart weeps for missing Debra’s big day. At the end of Saturday and spending the day with the girls, I realized I could have gone. I must learn to use the calendar in the Blackberry--- with all of its bangs and whistles and the price of usage…I had better.

I really hate that I miss all of the critic meetings. Maybe we can do a conference call or something like that.

I shall write again.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome back! I check on your blog every single day. We all miss you. Just pick up that fancy phone and call us. You need to go to a Dr. right away mam. Don't let me have to call your daughters or mom. I have my ways in cases like these. I so look forward to your blogs please keep them up. Love & miss ya.

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