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I was having this thought on the mom with all of the babies. For one I hate the name they gave her because it gives the impression that she is a freak. Something with many arms and constantly grabbing. She's asking for nothing, but understanding. I'm sure she never imagined having so many, but what could she have done? Which would she have chosen to kill? The very first thought (well, second 'cause the first was, dang that's a lot of babies) was this is nothing new. It seems that women are no longer having one are two babies, so no big deal. Then it came out she already has six. Wow, I was like she has a daycare now. And then everyone started beating up on her. What the hell? Whose business is it anyway? My mom was number 18 of 18 children and that was 76 years ago. What is the difference now? America has become so self-centered that we are always worried about what our neighbor is doing. Their house is too big, it blocks my view of the sky. I saw a court show where the downstairs neighbor was suing the upstairs because of the way they walked, opened the doors, the cabinets and basically lived because they couldn't stand the noise. Are we so favored and privileged that we can not just let others live their lives? Somehow or other, everyone gets some form of help from the government or am riding off someone else's taxes. it's inevitable. My take is this...how do we choose who gets more of the share? What is the use in beating up on her? What was the purpose of her going on Dr. Phil? all he succeeded in doing was making her feel bad. He kept calling her Polly-anna because she had a can do, positive outlook on the future until she basically broke down and could only see how it wasn't going to work. I was totally irritated with him then. You could see it all in her face, he brow beat her until all hope was gone. when that is taken away, how in God's name can anyone go on?
As a single parent I totally know how she feels. Which one of her children should she give away? It will be hard for her but her can do spirit would carry her through. Determination is (was) written all over her. I bet there are people who have written to the social services out there and have uttered the words unfit. I can bet they are trying to fix it that she may loose all of her children and many will cheer. And if that happens whose tax money will take care of them? So, she gets 400 in foodstamps. I know people who get 900 with 4 children and they sell them. What can be done about that?
I say leave the woman alone. Pray the best for them and if you want to contribute goodness, go ahead. Karma and words can come back to haunt you. I wish her the best.


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I 100% agree. I watched the 2 part Dr. Phil interview as well. (Which, could have been done in 1 part if he hadn't drug everything out with his stupid diatribe!) Anyways, I didn't think anything she said sounded crazy. I thought it sounded hopeful and optimistic - which is one of the best coping mechanisms when you're faced with a crisis. My father came from 8 kids. And, my sister & her husband as well as my brother & his wife have large families with 6 kids a piece. To me, how many kids you have is a personal decision. And, granted, it probably wasn't smart to do that when she had no means to take care of them... But, that sort of thing happens everyday. People make decisions, consciously or by default, when they have no plan of how to handle the consequences of that decision. People get pregnant everyday without a clear plan of how to provide for the children they create. Heck, my own baby was a surprise and guess what - I proudly used medicaid!! The point is - this is NOT news. Help the lady. Applaud her optimism. And, hope that she's blessed with a happy, healthy family.

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My feelings exactly.

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