If I Only Had a Brain

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Or at least someone who would share theirs with me. For the past few weeks I have been trying to learn how to post my book beads on a String from my computer to the web using ftp. This would enable the preview of the book to be self functioning on the page without having to be downloaded. Ridiculous. I have studied many things, read the advice from a forum using the same software I have and still can't figure it out. I bet as soon as I say "I give up", the answer will be right at hand. I just can't say the words. Who in life wants to admit they can not do anything. I should say, what woman would admit to such a thing. We are invincible, no title or limit can be put on what we as women can do, and I be darn if I will let the web beat me. After all, it was invented by a man and we know what that means, if a man can do it a woman can do it and do it better and quicker....now all I need is a woman to tell me how to do it, because all the guys (who are giving the advice) have to be leaving something out in the explanation. Any brain sharers out there????????????????????


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