A Big Case of the What-ifs

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If I Could Turn Back Time,
I would go straight back to the day I listened to that pitiful agent who instructed me not to change the ending to a book and smack him. This book is a great story and every time I look at it I am frustrated that it had not made it.
If I could turn back time, to that day, it would have been published by Ballantine books. Me, not knowing who they were at the time just excited the agent said someone wanted it, two companies as a matter of fact, I listened and now regret.
If I could turn back time, to that day, life would not be as it is today. I could for all I know be a famous author and then again, maybe a one hit wonder.
If I could turn back time, to that day, I would also have missed out on all things, good and bad that I have without a doubt learned a lot from within these past years and then I wonder....
If I could turn back time who would I choose not to know? What would I choose not to know?
If I could turn back time, what experience or person would not have been worth the effort. I can't imagine not having gone through anything. So, I'll toss the what-ifs to the shelf and move on.


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

I can get caught up in "what ifs" myself. It's easy. But, you know what, the course our life makes creates who we are. And, I like you so I'm happy you went those directions!

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Phooey! That agent and that choice did not define you. You are going to be a best selling author. You've got IT! And no "what if" can stop IT! If you were already famous then you would never have had the inclination to know me. Then I would be the one saying "what if" I had met Ey Wade when we both were struggling writers then maybe we would have been friends.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you guys. That's exactly what I was feeling. How could I deal without knowing or having either of you.

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