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I Have finally arrived...I am now a member of the 'blue-roof' society. For six mind numbing, hammer banging hours the FEMA guys stumped and thumped on the roof. Not a good thing when there is an irritated terrier and three little boys(a three year old and twin two year olds) in the house. The little boys would yell "door" and run into the hallway when the thumps were too loud and the dog would bark hysterically, all of this would wake the new baby. Lailani was born on the 5th of the month. She was 4lbs and 14 oz.
Today was a study in sound. The baby, when reallly upset chatters like a chipmunk, one of the twins likes to squeal and giggle in a high pitch, the other jumps around in happy, bouncy chubby little boy bumps and the three year old just yells and to top all of that, telemarketers found my phone number. When the house phone did it's single ring, the cell phone would play my favorite song "Yellow"(look to the right) because the calls have been transfered. Soo, every time a telemarketer felt the need to say hello, the kids shouted 'phone'! I must say, after five weeks I am soooo glad to be home.


LKHarris-Kolp said... Best Blogger Tips

There's truly no place like home. I bet you won't be stuck anymore!

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome back home> Now you are wadng n your own water and I know the writing juices will flow. Finally un stuck!!!!

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