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When you are not at home... nothing is the same. My first thought on packing for the hurricane was to pack my 'goody bag'. Well, this is a first thought every day.This bag which is really my purse and considered a junk holder by friends and family alike contains all of the essentials (for entertainment) for a person that reared three daughters and was always left 'sitting' in the parking lot waiting for the various child to come from whatever activity they were in to release me from my post. If you are a parent you have been there and done that. I have my 160g Ipod (200 movies, 3000 songs, 30 tv shows, many podcasts) my PSP with 20 little movies, my digital camera, my trusty internet capable cell phone and all of their chargers, tv connections and such and I have my beautiful 600 pg. refillable journal (that I haven't been able to enter but 5 written pages)I will not be left bored. Don't get me wrong I also have the 'mommy' things...hand sanitizer, air freshener, the makings of a new face, wrapped (hard)candies, pens, stamps, extra contacts , solution...who needs a kitchen sink? After this bag I pack the laptop and all of its needs and yet when I was not home I felt disconnected. Nothing was entertaining and I turned on the laptop many times and could hardly get myself to read any blogs or to write. I tended to feel as if I was being lazy and that I always needed to be 'doing' something housey. My sister (the wonderful soul she is) would say why do you always get up so early? Is 4:30-5:00 early? It just seems like the time to get up. She said, do you ever just sit and chill? Well I'm 'cool' all of the time and chilling means lazy to me and yet when I was at her house I felt like I was doing nothing. I didn't walk around in the mornings because it was too early in her house. I guess I was used to being able to just go with the flow at home. I have always been an early riser. I have one child like this and one that only goes to sleep between 3 and 6 in the morning. The middle child is an early to bedder and a late riser, but more of a go getter than the rest of us, but I digress.
When you are not at home... you miss things. I am astounded at how much I missed reading the writings of my friends. The politically correct writings that are so on the mark. I truly believe if you have never been in the teaching field, whether it is in the public, at home or with the very young, you miss out on what life is really about. Working with children blinds you to color, ethnicity, and almost your core values. Little children or mirrors of the soul. The key to our existence. I believe they are the keys to our soul. They are so open and honest and when they are together like jelly beans in a jar all the colors, attitudes, and variances just meld together. Oh, but to be free to just be. I wish labels would just disappear. I haven't even decided who to vote for. If I were seventeen I would voice the opinion of my daughter...she is so happy she can not vote yet because neither candidate has exactly all she is looking for... I agree. I also agree with a my fellow blogger--the president does not run the country and we do an injustice to our country when we as Americans down our leaders in public. It's like I would tell my daughters when they would get in an argument in public...the way you treat your sister will be the same way anyone watching you will treat her. If my mother had been an alcoholic, man chasing child abuser I wouldn't have told anyone. Well, maybe if she had been a child abuser. Her running around would have been a family affair and something we would have to work on within the family and maybe a counselor, but not with the entire world. As for a political candidate running for an office with all of their promise and us believing it can be done is ridiculous. For one thing they don't stay in office long enough. Once they are in the office they have to spend the first four years trying to clean the mess made by the previous while working with the new crap that has hit the fan. And another thing, what does experience mean? No matter what they have done in their past lives (the candidates) neither of the candidates have ever been president. So neither has the experience as president and then again both candidates are fathers which I guess is a bit of an experience because everyone knows father may be the head, but mother runs the house.
When you are not at can't write. Speaking of writing...I better get to the hurricane.LOL


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoyed taking my time and realy reading your blog. Twice in facr, because you said so much.

Make no mistake about it though YOU have to go and vote. Your choice and your vote.

I wish I was an early riser!! So much of my morning is wasted, cause I am a nite owl.

LKHarris-Kolp said... Best Blogger Tips

It sounds like you have a Mary Poppins purse, just like me. :)

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