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Enormous Life Changes... Yesterday I voted for the first time with hope and trepidation. don't get me wrong I have voted before, but this time I had a little fear in me. I truly wanted to see Obama win. So much so I wanted to dance once I had cast my ballot. The fear in me was there because I didn't want to have (or share) the responsibility of putting a Black man in power. Not because I even have a shred of doubt he can handle the position, but because of the fear for his safety. Let's face it, and this was brought home to me just the other day by an elderly White neighbor, Obama will have to beef up his security and those of us that wanted him in will have to pray for his safety on a daily basis. My neighbor and I were talking about one thing and the next thing I knew he was talking about how in ten years Obama would ruin the economy. I asked him how he thought Obama would still be in the White House in ten years and he blatantly stated--"Oh, when they make him president he will only be there a couple of months before someone blows his head off'"-Wow--speechless #1.

Last night I watched as the new president was elected in by a united number of Americans. All colors of the rainbow cheered and cried. I never thought I would see the day. I cheered, texted, and reflected.
Wow--speechless #2. If someone , born on my birthdate, wearing my color of skin, has strived and made it so far...I to can fulfill my dreams. Before the year ends, I pack up house and move to Houston. It is time for a change.

Last night my daughter read me a young church member's blog---that little girl now believes that the making of Obama as president will cause a massive riot of abortions. As she said "there will be a lot of dead babies now that we have a new president".She does not realize the choice of abortion lies in the hands of the woman. All she knows is the teaching of the church. They whole heartedly wanted McCain in. Repubs good-Demos bad. And all roads now lead to hell if democrats rule. I guess its the bit of demon in the word. Wow--speechless #3. I had let many of the things Pastor has said in church fly over my head. Totally dismissing some or researching the biblical references. Basic foundation-if you don't hate what God hates you will burn in hell. I can truly see how Obama sat under his pastor for 20 yrs. After a while you don't think of the leader as no more than a man and dismiss his opinions when they don't jell with yours. You can hear and not hear. I no longer belong. I should have moved on years ago. In my church my family is considered 'different'. I have heard it said in many ways by different members. Always politely, but there none the less. My girls were homeschooled, don't run the streets, are polite, loving, and obedient, dress different, and wear their hair natural. I definitely feel a change a comin'. Enormous change.


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

I cried when Obama was elected -- mostly because it was so evident how far our country's come and how far, still, we have to go.

This will be a totally new experience for all Americans. Besides the color of his skin, Obama represents a totally new idea of presidency.

I hope and pray that he will remain safe and that he will be led to do the right things for our country.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

No one need worry about Pres. Obama's safety. Just pray for him and his family. The Pres. has accepted his destiny the way Dr. King accepted his. Pres. Obama is answering a higher calling. It is so sad that people let FEAR grip them to the point of not using their intelligence. I wouldn't call you and your daughters different, "refreshing" is more the term I would use. Keep hearing a different drummer and forging your own path instead of following. I do not want you to leave though

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