My Keys Have Been Blown Asunder

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Whew, Grace...Things change so fast in life and yet...grace stays the same. I just wanted to share some photos of Gracie. She is that awesome shade of grey I love. Through the 'time of the wind blown vacation' she remained stead fast and consistent. As God is. When I think of Gracie, I think of grace, I remember God. Gracie is something I prayed for in life that would be a protector and companion for my youngest. I prayed for obedience and intelligence in this dog. God gives you the desires of your heart. When we left for Austin I prayed she would be herself and that we would have a peaceful time while there. 27 people stayed with my brother and his family. He has a huge house, three daughters and two dogs. "Real" dogs as he calls them...Gracie, he says is snotty, stuck up and not a dog. She's obedient (if you mark a line she will not cross it), ready for a short rub and a hug, a quick run, and the chance to be left alone to observe. And yet she will protect and stand guard over those she loves at the flick of any danger, as does God. We are blessed.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

YEA!!! You are back. I was getting really worried after you didn't post for a while. I am glad you found "comfort" in the storm through the grace of God and Gracie. She is beautiful and I am not a dog person. Now I am happy I have heard and read from all my writing friends

LKHarris-Kolp said... Best Blogger Tips

What an adorable dog! It sounds like you had lots of family togetherness. I was in a house with five dogs (not to mention the people) and it got quite challenging at times. But God is good- glad you're back!

Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh what an angel. I can totally relate to seeing God-like attributes in your animal... why else are there so many pet-lovers? During our evacuation, I clung to my Golden Retriever, Ellie. Just petting her brings me so much peace. I would look forward to the times when she needed to go out for a potty break. It was my moment of sanity. Just me, nature, Ellie, and God.

So, glad to see you've re-entered the blogging world.

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