Keys in a State of Awe

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With just a snap....things change. This will be a little long. I didn't mention Saturday how the little girl and her boys moved back did I? They came back Saturday afternoon. At first she looked so stressed, sat on a chair in the center while I cleaned and just had a look of being stunned on her face, but after a while she said the oddest thing. She said, your house smells like peace. It feels like 'welcome'. I thought, wow. I had never heard anyone say that. I have had people tell me they felt so at home when they were here (usually those who came in stressed), but never like it smelt of peace. At the time she told me this I was definitely not filling any peace. I was feeling total confusion. But I do love this house. Above the door I placed a brass sign.."As for me and my house.." you know the rest I serve no other. When we first moved here eight years ago the girls and I were desperate. We had moved from Baytown to my Mom's house. If you knew anything about my life that would have showed the desperation. Living with Mom is a sign of being on your last leg, one would have to be desperate. I love her to death, but wouldn't want to live there. I had left Baytown in such dire straits that I had let the housing assistance go and had told the Lord it was going to be just us and Him. I came to Beaumont found a job and within a couple of months living with Mom had me wanting to move into the storage building with our things. The girls were so frazzled I started bring them to work with me (of course I worked in childcare--they became free labor for the director). I asked someone if they knew of any empty houses and here we are. The guy wanted to rent, but said he would do rent to own if I could put in writing why I thought this house should be mine. Me write? Are you kidding? First, I told the guy how when we first saw the house it just seemed exactly what we wanted and I knew it was given from God and he had no choice, but to give it to me. The rooms are huge, the price was (and still is) affordable, but the clincher was Gillean and Mhia's rooms. I had always said (And had even dreamed)if I could build a house their rooms would be separated but shared between a bathroom and a sitting room and that it how this house is built. You can leave Gille's room through one door and get to Mhia through their cutest bathroom. All clawfooted tub and chandelered or you can enter through the other door from their sitting room which now has a huge, unused treadmill in the middle of the floor. This is the house God has given me. At first the guy was hard. He wanted his payment on the first or by the second he would have a letter of eviction in the mail. Prayer availeth much. Yesterday God snapped His finger and the storm has ceased. This is not a new story, but a change of page. I am now an official cry baby. I went church yesterday. I wasn't going to because Karra had made a mistake and gone off to Houson with my license in her purse and pluse I just wasn't in the mood. This lady called to say she would pick me up. She, having things to do would get me there an hour early. I tried to say no, but she is a persistent person. Okay, here is the snap. Pastor says "How are you today, Nancy." I say, "I'm so tired of life Pastor I can't even think." "What?" I repeat. With tears in his eyes he says "This is the time to stand firm. Hold on to your faith and all will be well. Do not doubt. I'm going to pray for you." He gives me a hug and walks away. I think, yeah right, this rope of faith is about to hang me. I work in the audio/visual ministry and so I go about my duties and while there I briefly (way more than this little note) told this person about my weekend. She says have faith. I say I do. Truly I do. If not for the belief in God and a fear of fire...back to the snap. This person hands me a piece of paper and a red pen (she believes writing in red is like covering her problems in the blood of Jesus, all things change)and tells me to write down what I'm believing God for. I write down the amount of taxes and housenote due and SNAP...the storm ceases.
Anybody else feels like dancing on my keys? To make it even is raining outside. I love this awesome shade of gray.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Your house just as you imagined is affirmation that God answers prayers. Now find a quiet place you know the one...your favorite spot. I usually lie face down arms outstreached before Him. Assume whatever position you like when you communicate with God. Breathe in and out, slowly. Clear your mind completely. Listen.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

I have definitely decided to just wait on the Lord. I'm searching out nothing else until I hear from Him.

I had to move to the left and turn my musics on. Especially Tunnel & Still Listening. I do tend to get into myself and my wants and mess up. I have no answers right now. Everything always goes back to what it was. I'm still listening.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Someone said, "God doesn't come in the storm, He comes in the peace after." Be at peace now and know that in the calm he will plant the word "if" deep into your mind.

The answer to your problems will start with the word "if." I know that this is what I am suppose to tell you. Sometimes it takes awhile.

Only you and God knows what comes after the if. But knowing you the way I do you'll think...if and then the possibilities will flow.

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