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A trip is a trip even if it is in your mind After my last post I decided that I would take a road trip. What better way to take a road trip and save gas than to pull out the pictures and the videos from a past vacation.
I loved the trip my daughters and I took wi
th my sister to San Diego. It was spontaneous and a very needed break. I put the pictures on the laptop as my screen saver and watched the video on my Ipod. Glorious. When the screen saver stopped at these pictures I had to share a story...

We took frequent stops while on the way to San Diego and when we kept seeing a sign that said see a gorgeous 'scenic view' we had to stop. This is where we stopped. We climbed the stairs to nowhere posed and drove away. As we drove away we saw people standing beyond the steps and over the hill taking pictures of the 'scenic view' we had really missed. It was still beautiful and fun.


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah, I love this! I do the same thing sometimes - only I look at Gabi's baby pictures and think, "Oh, to have that moment back, if only for a day..." It makes me appreciate the present.

I really love your blog and its new look. And, I love when you write exerpts from your book(s). They're wonderful and inspiring. Its so very brave of you. I'm too much of a chicken to do that so I write about other people (like my daughter).

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny. I try really hard not to mention my girls. Don't want them to read it. Can't wait to hear what they say about me posting their pictures. I really miss my daughter Gillean (Jillian). She calls about a hundred times a day and she is the reason we took the trip. She just 'does' things.

I really like to write. A lot more than talking.

jess said... Best Blogger Tips

Your girls are all grown up. I remember the first time I saw them... what, five or six years ago--maybe longer-- when I lived here before. They'd come to the writers' meetings with you. They were so good. I know you're a proud mom...and you have good reason to be. They're lovely young women.

P.S. My goodness, I blink and I've missed a lot of blog posts. What happened? :-D

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha, ha, ha. I tend to hold my hands tight or I can be on the computer forever. Every time a thought hits. LOL

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