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Still staying & pondering.
I used all of yesterday researching about child care review, gained necessary info and felt like I could really get something going. Last night I heard of the awful accidental death of one of the greatest men of God from my church and I wondered what is it all for? This man's testimony to the goodness of God is awesome, he spent a lot of time praying for the sick and would share God's message with all he met. His boss would send large amounts of money to the church every year with a letter testifying how good Mr. Willis was and how he would share the word. He had just married less than a year ago. Though his death was gruesome, an eighteen wheeler backed into the eighteen wheeler he was under changing the tire, I know he is in the arms of the Lord. Many souls were saved through him and I know God has welcomed him home. It just makes me wonder. I can do all of the review for day cares and parents will do whatever they want, nothing will change. This morning I decided to concentrate on submitting manuscripts, but I can't keep my mind off of Mr. Willis and his wife, they were so happy. He prayed with me through the loss of Tobi and had made it his business to give a little towards the care of Tobi every week while he was with us. He said God had put it in his heart to do something for the boy.

When I go to church tonight it will be strange, strange because of all of the twelve years I have been a member of Trinity no one has died. I have no idea how to react. It is a faith church, a 'Word' church. Not that I believe we are immune to life, this will just be....different.

I feel peace because I know where he is and yet....


jess said... Best Blogger Tips

...and yet, we still feel at a loss, don't we, when we lose someone we care about. We're at a loss to understand why and how it could happen. And for awhile, we have that "what's the point" feeling. I wonder what Mr. Willis would say to you about your feelings. Obviously, WE think it was too soon for God to call him home. Wonder what God is showing you, Mrs. Willis or the man who was driving that 18 wheeler. There's lessons to be learned all around us and I keep wondering if I'm learning what God is teaching me through others. No idea.

Saying a prayer that you find peace just remembering how God blessed you through Mr. Willis. ANd I'll say a prayer for his family.

I'm sure he would smile knowing how much you thought of him, and how you've shared him with us today.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

You are such a comforter. I especially prayed for the guy driving the truck. Not knowing his heart I am praying for his peace of mind.

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