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Trinity facing death- l last night at church wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I was one of the first one's there other than Pastor because I work in the audio/visual department putting the scriptures in the computer and such. Pastor was a little jollier than usual and I can tell he was trying to keep everyone 'up' and optimistic. As the members walked in you can tell they were all wondering how to act.
Whether or not to show too much sorrow or to be joyful. Pastor had the perfect sermon,it was titled 'Death, as God sees It he started of telling everyone that it was okay to grieve because we have lost a friend, a great man of Go
d, and the community had really lost a carrying praying soul and then he used scriptures pertaining to death and quotes from people. This is the quote I like the most-

“That to which we react with natural sorrow is something to which God reacts with supernatural joy.” John Blanchard

Reminds me of the picture of Jesus meeting a new arrival on the clouds. Arms opened wide and welcoming. That is how I always see my home going. Like Jesus will be so glad to see me coming back. Just like we are when we see a long lost friend or our children come back after an absence. I bet Mr. Willis is happy. I will continue to pray for his family. Oh, I hear the driver of the truck that had the flat is in critical condition because he was standing by the truck so I will pray for him and his family, also.


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I prayed the other night for the same thing - that God welcomes people into Heaven with open arms. But, in this case it was for someone I didn't know - just some guy on t.v. who'd had a really horrific upbringing, was an alcholic and died from liver failure. It broke my heart and I just kept thinking, "Why won't anyone just give him a hug?" (As if a hug were more powerful than addiction...) But, that got me thinking... and, I think we are ushered into Heaven by lots of hugs. It just seems the only appopriate option...

I'm sure your Mr. Willis is being embraced this very moment.

Holli said... Best Blogger Tips
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Hey, I don't delete comments, but this was a double.

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