The Keys Spell -Illusions

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Are we really seeing?
She turned over, laid flat on her back and pressed the heel of her hands into her eyeballs. The pain of the three day migraine seemed to be splitting her brain down the middle and through out her spine.. It reminded her of the weekly treatments of shots she used to receive in her head as a child. After nearly fifty years the pop and snap of the needle could still be felt and heard as if she were going through the procedure. What in the world the adults in her life had been thinking this would do she had no idea. It never made her hair grow. Nor did the hour treatment of sitting under an oddly smelling lamp after the shots. What was that anyway? Radiation. No wonder her hair never grew. No eyebrows. No body hair.

She turned on her left side and faced the wall length mirror. Had she been dreaming? There she was. Full shoulder length hair (bought at the hair store), beautiful arched brows (drawn on very well, daily), pain of a headache in her eyes. Nope, no dream. Just an illusion...a face for the world.

Turning on her back and closing her eyes, Ey (see I finally thought of a name to use)thought of God and bits of scriptures of hope filled her mind.
I have a plan for are not alone....if you will believe...Stand.
So, what do we learn from this? Who cares what people think. In the end we all go back to God's beliefs. Just jump out of the boat.


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