Verbal Abuse. You Said It, Bask In It, Gather the Firewood

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I've had it. I'm sick and tired of taking the verbal abuse,  especially from someone who, in the grand scheme of my life, means next to nothing and provides NOTHING, sustainable.
I would be a self hating fool to accept such treatment. To continue forgiving the verbal punch because family should "stick together." If you weren't together before, stop frontin', people already know. 
Verbal abuse is an abuse that will kill you just as sure as a bullet will. An abuse that is equally as lethal and twice as deadly as physical abuse.
Physical abuse can lead to the immediate death of a body, while verbal abuse is a slow, painful death.
It strikes quickly, but leaves its victim to suffer and linger through a soul searing, mind decaying, blood creeping, terminal erosion.
On the outside, all seems well. The victim walks, talks, and even manages to laugh through the pain. Reliving the sound of those words and the pain of their cut, over and over.
They can fool you, and most of all, themselves, into believing they and everything about them is okay, while they are reliving the death of a thousand lives.
On the inside,  their heart is palpitating, stomach and nerves clenching - eventually never releasing. Everything slows and dies. Love, belief, trust in others and self. But not here.

Believe me, I may not yell at you, but when l'm done, I'm done. Stop and listen to another branch as it falls to the forest floor.
I am no self hating fool who will allow an asshole to shout, curse, basically accuse me of maitricide, and repeat what equals to a shot to my heart and self-esteem just to appease his sense of guilt.
Put the fork in the drawer,  you don't need it,  believe me, I'm done.


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