A Crazy Piece of Sheep in the Family - a brother's leap from the tree.

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Never fails and I really hate it when my last button is pushed, I have to work hard not to get ethnic. And yes, I am angry as hell.  Tired of the lies and disrespect. No matter where or what the situation,  there is always time for a little sh...sheep to hit the fan.

There is time for the delusional to follow his own warped thoughts like a blind little lamb, making idiotic remarks based on his own insecurities. As if adults, who survive well without him,  spend their days being jealous over brick and mortar.  No, we don't give a flea's ass, about your house or material possessions. Those are dust in the wind and if you have it, it's probably stolen or gotten through one of your hot little schemes.

People who keep their heads buried in their butts,  always have time to try and tear apart the family they claim aren't theirs. It's okay,  whatever your name is,  you don't have to see the dying woman who gave birth to you or come to the funeral.  The risk of contamination from your presence is something she(we), can all live without.  And yes, I'm talking to you, ex-brother and will gladly,  with the sharpest tool I can find, cut your rotten,  degraded, branch off the family tree, leaving it to erode in the crappie lies that is your life. As for the apples on your tree, it has been proven, from the great person my mom is and the core of sh@% you are, the branch does not control the fruit.
So, you do you.  Have a blessed life and I hope to never see you again in this one.  Good riddance to you. 


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