Last Call For Black History Month

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The door is being closed with a BANG! on the celebration of Black accomplishments. Black History Month doesn't seem to receive the same amount of respect it used to. Is it because people are more accepting of Black Americans as regular people or is it because they can care less? I think it's because there is a need for a change. There is a need for the history of Black America to be taught daily as a history 'of' America. Let's face it, much of America's history could not have been made without the presence of Blacks and for that matter, without the presence of many minorities. If youth were taught daily in their history classes about the contributions from every race, maybe the sense of entitlement and superiority wouldn't run rampant through the minds of some White Americans. That rabid dog mentality which makes some feel as if they can do or say anything to what they consider the lesser race,ethnicity, sex.

Maybe , if a book such as this, Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History, was wide spread to mainstream America and used in the public schools it could be the catalyst to get a positive conversation going about the for change in attitudes and beliefs. I read a couple of very disrespectful articles this month and then read of a hurtful condescending Twitter posting. I'm sure there are many more, but the two articles struck a cord because of their minute similarities. They both sported the main theme of abuse and disrespect to a Black male child. The abuse (and torture of one) was performed by a White male(in one case also Black). In the first article Really sad people can only see color. A 60 year old slapping a baby after calling him the 'N' word. Its really awful that all this man saw was a Black child. Not a child who may have been suffering some sort of pain, not as an 18 month old being a child, but as a Black kid who needed to be put under reign. I wasn't there don't know the details, but I do wonder if he would have slapped that baby if it were White?

The second article I read dealt with Emmit Till, Lil Wayne and his casual disregard for death and the history and torture of Blacks in America. How can we as Blacks think we can get respect when we honor people who use lyrics in their songs that not only degrade US as Black Americans, but also disregard OUR history?
In the artist's defense he thinks he's just making music. He calls it as he sees it. He sees women as things to dominate. Obviously not remembering he has a daughter. Many of the lyrics to hi songs are harsh in their depiction of women and how to use them. Even though he may know his Black history, he has overlooked the abuse the women endured and are still enduring. He has overlooked the fact society deems Black girls and women so promiscuous they can't be raped? He goes and makes a song celebrating the berating of the female while disrespecting the death and memory of a young Black male. But then, why should this young man respect women when there are those women who go out of their way to be considered a video hoes? Post Youtube videos Twerking 

I'm with Jada Smith when she asks:   1. How much responsibility should entertainment from Black artists have in regards to preserving images of our prominent Black figures?

2. And if WE don't take responsibility in that preservation, is it fair to ask the mainstream media to take on that responsibility in which how they depict us?

 And then we come to the Twitter post which also coincides with the article about Lil Wayne. Did you hear that The Onion called 9 year old, Oscar nominee Quvenzhan√© Wallis a cunt on Twitter Sunday night?

The Tweet: RT @TheOnion Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a cunt, right? #Oscars2013

My beef is the disrespect men have for women. Who cares if they were trying to ridicule grown women, why bring the child into it? Why use the connotation? The disrespect for women is so prevalent and common, hundreds had shared and marked it as a favorite before  The Onion removed the tweet. Then they had the nerves to apologize as if that's all needed.

I still believe if history of all races ethnicity and sex were taught on the daily, people would see each other as a value.

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Ed Drury said... Best Blogger Tips

I've often thought that things have to get worse before they can get better. Well, I can't remember a time in my life when things were much worse so perhaps things are about to get better? My only hope that voices like yours are a sign that things might get better, if only those voices can be heard. I like to think people aren't stupid, hateful, and fear filled enough to be so disrespectful of their fellow human beings. Day after day, I am proven wrong. But one day, I hope to live to see it, the higher voices will drown out all the noise of hateful noisy few.

Ey Wade said... Best Blogger Tips

@Ed Drury Wouldn't it be nice. Sad that this wish has been in the mind for generations and yet it still hasn't been fulfilled. Some people would rather hate and discriminate than get along.

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