Just One More Day...Then I Can Breathe

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Everyday I tell myself, 'just one more day'. Just one more day then I can breathe. One more day and this nightmare will be over and this life in its new normal state will begin.
 How do you live without the presence of your sister? A sister that has been a part of your life for over 54 years? A sister who was so deep into your existence that she would call to check up on every aspect of your life. One who was always curious to know how every member of your household was doing on any given day. One who would even make it her business to question about the health of the dog.
 I regret a lot. The most was not having a car of my own. For the past few months Angela would voice the same thing when it came to my grandson, she wished she could have spent more time with him so she could have gotten to know him better. What a lose for Pinoch to not have the ability to get to know his Aunt Angela. He would have been entranced with the nut she was. So funny and yet so serious. Dang.
Just one more day. I thank God it will start early and be over early. I don't think I would be able to handle sitting around all morning and waiting.Tomorrow I think I'll let myself cry. True it will only be for me, but I'm going to miss her.


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