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What bullying Obama does to a race, a country, a child's self-esteem. Say and believe what you want, but when a person is consistently harassed for proof of things no other President has had to keep showing, called names because of his race, backstabbed by people who are supposed to be working towards a common goal, this is bullying.

 How appropriate for October to be the month for recognizing bullies and the biggest bullies step into the limelight to make their presence known.

First, we have the poorly reared sons of wanna be president, Willard Romney threatening the President of the United States with physical violence and name calling. Oh wait, those little apple heads don't fall far from their dad's bullying example. Daddy Romney bullied in school and bullied as soon as he hit the campaign trail. What happens when these threats are made? Not a thing, but a so-say apology. I didn't hear or read an apology anywhere. Not only was the President insulted but so were the people of America who hold the president and the Country in high respect.
What an appropriate way for adults to show children how to handle bullying. How many little children do you think heard about this? Probably millions because I'm sure their parents talked about it.

Then there is swamp mouth Anne Coulter who shows her panache for being uncouth by calling the President by a name which insults every person who struggles daily to over come challenging disabilities. Where was that Palin woman and her indignities over the use of the word then?  I applaud  John Franklin Stephens for writing a letter  which is better than any book that woman has ever penned. How many little children do you think have heard about this latest name calling rant of hers? Again, parents and adults talk and children listen.

And then we get deep pockets, Donald Trump who feels whatever he says should be forgiven because he has millions of dollars. What a waste of YouTube and Twitter time. Trump would do better putting his 5 million dollars into his suitcase and leave the country if he isn't happy here. I'm not going to say anything about what that mean-girl Sarah Palin had to say because everyone knows where she is coming from.
Last night a lady on a news report was asked if Obama should take the 5 million and basically kiss Trumps butt. This silly woman said.."I think so, after all we don't know much about him?" What?? There is more written about this man than there is about Jesus Christ. What she should have just said is, Yeah, he's Black and we can't trust him or anything he says.

This race based hate and bullying is dividing a nation that has worked hard to unite over its differences. It has caused racism to build in the hearts of children because every little Black child who tries to relate to Obama will have to realize, even holding the highest position in the United States doesn't remove you from the bottom of a shoe. If you are Black you are still held suspect and have to show proof of your freedom and your abilities. If you are Black you can be ridiculed and nothing is done about it.

This bullying divides friends of different races. It makes people of all races feel shame for its citizens. It makes the entire election process look like a joke and it makes America into a comedic act for other countries.
In essence, bullying hurts and no one wins. Even the bullies get it behind their backs.

About the Author: Ey Wade considers herself to be a caged in frustrated author of thought provoking, mind bending eBooks, an occasional step-in parent, a fountain of knowledge, and ready to share. She is the author of Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History a celebration of the accomplishments and contributions of all races to America’s illustrious growth and history.
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