You Deserve Better- Use Fact Checkers

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Damn right we do. We deserve better than having to settle for a couple of rich, idiotic men who feel they can blatantly lie in our faces and not give a care in the world that the facts can be checked. They believe they stand above the truth and can shovel crap down our throats and we'll swallow with and idiotic 'upside didn't smile. Yes, you deserve better and if you sit there and believe the total, no truth in the statements made by these people. you deserve that big shovel full if worm infested bile. All politicians lie you say. Most of them use a vestige of the truth but this duo of clowns doesn't even bother.

They don't care because they know this is a different kind of election. This is an election where the competently, the smart is being challenged by the bully and that bully will pull out all stops. He's running his campaign on a wave of hate, racism, and generated fear. Stir up the hidden (hell it isn't hidden) bias, stir up the fascist hate in mainstream America and they have their help mates. They don't mind having an African American in the White House they just don't want a Black man running their country. If I'd had even a small inkling (code for give me an f***ing lobotomy) to vote for that Twit Mitt Romney and his side kick lying Pulseless Paul Ryan, that pat my ass and fill my pockets Republican Convention killed the urge as quick as a 'legitimate' rape. You want to take America back? Forget about it. We are a nation stepping forward and if you don't like it, in for years you'll have a shot at destroying it again .

Yes, America we deserve better. We deserve better than the people sitting in the House, Congress, Senate who are just there to thwart progress. People who are there to fulfill a promise made by a bunch of hate spouting, racist, paranoid old White men who thought they had a house nigger they could intimidate into submission and ended up with an intelligent Black man they see as running rampant with power. Or, maybe they know if they passed some of the laws he wrote America would be fixed. This wouldn't do. Why in God's name would they want a man, descendent of slaves, dripping blood of a mixed race to fix the problems they as the superior race had not been able to do in all of these years? No, it is better to place blame on him.

Blame the man for life on Earth, absconding with Medicare/Medicare funds, misappropriating stimulus monies,closing plants, taking away jobs...hell, just blame the man for breathing. Blame him for all of this, but before you open your mouth and spew the lies like that heartless Paul Ryan did at his likefest, check your facts. Obama wasn't president when the factory closed, Ryan's health plan will steal all your money before killing you, and Ryan cried for stimulus money for his city. Check the facts and before you swallow, think . When people tell you things they know are lies and don't care if you find out. These people are anti-social, psychotic, and a threat to your well being, much like serial killers.

Yes, America you deserve better and the chair is already filled.


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