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FaceBook Fail
I'm finding it really hard to understand the value of having so many 'friends' or likes on Facebook and such.  As a writer I doubt the ability and value and the ability of having 4000 or more friends in making you a great author. How can they even keep up with you when they have the same number of friends? And with Facebook if you don't interact with all of the people you only get the feeds from the few you can squeeze into your busy day.Oh, and that works both ways.

You can write such nauseating crap even toilet paper disintegrates at your words and have followers out the wazoo. But are these 'friends' real. And I'm not just saying this because I don't have many followers or friends for that matter. Such is life in my imagined world where I'm a well known author and in real life.Will they purchase the work you've sweat blood on the keyboards to produce or are they just your friend to help them tally up their own numbers? I used to be amazed at how many friends we had in common until I realized they were finagled from my friends lists.

So, I guess my question is does the amount of people on your page mean you have a good platform or sales possibility or does it just mean you have a lot of numbers?


Makettles said... Best Blogger Tips

It means just numbers. I go to my FB and do a 'de-junking' every once in a while. "friends' who sit there and do not respond or contribute in anyway disappear! :)
People who are cowards and use FB to run their mouth, and if they are on my FB 'friends' list, disappear!
If I think some 'friend' is using me to hear about or know about some one else they disappear.
My friends list has only real friends.
As a writer you should have a reader's list. Separate from a friend's list! :)
I am sure you have friends who do not read your work!

ey wade said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for commenting. I pretty much do as you do. The way facebook works its kinda hard the interact annd many fall to the wayside.
I'm not so sure what you mean by 'readers list' but I separated friends from writers. I jUst need to pull out the sickle sometimes.

Makettles said... Best Blogger Tips

What I meant was, people on your face book, who are also the readers of your blog!
You cannot 'unfriend' some friends just because they do not read. or can you? :)

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