Waiting For Jett

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Hasn't changed much in size
'Jett' I just had to buy it.
It won't be long now.  In a few days we will see Jett. My first grandchild. The arrival has been much anticipated with my daughter laughingly sending out this web address to all interested (and excited) family members-www.haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com 
I must say....Not funny.

Jett has been the topic in my household for over two years. My daughter (such a planner/organizer) factored a child in her life with a lot of deliberation. Due to medical issues she chose IVF. I think that was so brave of her. Single parenting is a real challenge and I have the scars and t-shirt to prove it. She's a lot smarter than I am though. I told her how she is blessed because she has her own house, two cars and now a Jett (forgot to mention the college degree). How many near 25 year olds can say the same?
This is our Jett
Anyway, Jett is due soon. As a matter of fact just a couple of days from her birthday., with paparazzi, midwife, and doula in tow. I'm really excited When I had my girls all were preemie and had to stay in hospital for weeks. So far all has gone well (minus the one big giant scare a few weeks ago) and in a matter of days some of us will be standing on the landing pacing through the home birth while others will be standing up close and personal. Guess where I'll be.


Arlee Bird said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations! My second one arrived in December right before Christmas. We got to see her then, but she lives so far that we may not be able to see her very often. My first one lives nearby so we usually see her every week.

Grandkids can be such a blessing and so much fun.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Days? Oh geez let's stick to weeks and I'm only smart cause I was raised by a smart person.

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