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As you may know I have been working diligently to e-publish a few manuscripts. It wasn't as hard as I thought to formulate and then upload to sites such as Sribd, Smashwords, and now to Amazon for the Kindle.

I've heard all of the naysayers about self-publishing, but in every aspect of life there is someone highlighting the negative. Been there, done that. Sometimes we have to turn our backs on the traditional and the norm or progress will continue to be hindered. Anyway, I just want to share my book page from Amazon.

This is a small synopsis of what each books is about.

. Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History lauds loudly the accomplishments of all races that helped make America the great country it has become
Also published  in a multimedia (audio/video) e-book format and available for purchase through---WADE-IN PUBLISHING

The Perfect Solution, (Which will be posted by the end of week) A suspenseful analysis of choices and how those choices affect the people around us. A three year old is stalked and mistakenly given to the stalker by his pre-school teacher.
Mona Boots saw him, chose him as her own, and walked out of his daycare with him in her arms. This choice is traumatizing to a single mother, unimaginable to an accused father, and detrimental to a child’s safety.

Yes, Sam Takes Care of Me is an affair to remember. Sam a jealous provider and protector simultaneously gives and takes away in this tale of five friends sharing in the trials and humiliations of having a relationship with the same person.


The Fishing Trip As a child, Phenigan O’Carroll endured weekend fishing trips filled with torture, sexual and physical abuse. The adults in his life were either the problem or closed their eyes to the problem and so he decided to eliminate the abuse himself. Set in Shiningbal, Texas where the perverted go to disappear, child sexual abuse is the norm and when the legal system is the monster, redemption doesn’t play nice.


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Congratulations. The books are certainly reasonably priced. Hope you do well.

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