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I love our my daughter's new house, especially the fact she has reversed roles and let me and her sisters move in with her.
As much as I love it here, I must say small creatures are killing themselves to commit suicide in the yard.

Not too long  ago a pregnant possum decided to try swimming in the pool. Guess she won't be trying that anymore.

I used to envy people who were able to walk through their patio doors and jump into clean clear waters. No one tells you about the creatures that love the water. Last week frogs decided they liked hanging around. I have found out frogs are good for your yard. They kill bugs and slugs. I've also learned rock salt or sea salt will keep them away from the perimeter of the pool. We'll just put itt around like a fence.

Last but not least of the creatures on a suicide mission was the cutest bird. why did he choose our door panel window to try and get through? Karra said he saw the tree reflected in the pane and that's why he hit it. Why come there? The door is practically down a narrow alley. Nowhere near open space.

So, from today on I am posting a warning--This House is Not a Safe Haven for those trying to put an end to it all. Fly, hop,crawl right and get a life! Maybe I should just let Gracie tell them.


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips sad. But that pools sounds wonderful!

Ellie said... Best Blogger Tips

Very sad! We are having the opposite problem. Birds are building nests in our garage. Trees were cut down behind our home, we don't own the swamp. Hundreds of trees, cut n' removed and now bird in our garage building homes in bird houses and in tide laundry detergent boxes.
They can't smell?! Or is that the scent of home??!

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