Judgement and Justice

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One of the manuscripts I have been paddling around is about a persons sense of justice. Well, really what I see would be a fit judgment to pedophiles. I think we fail the children in America by some of the ridiculous sentences abusers receive. In all honesty, if I could be judge and jury, I wouldn't bring a pedophile to the court system, I would just eliminate him or her. Which is what happens in The Fishing Trip. The characters are interviewed here.

The horrifying thing is, I was following my Twitter the other day and realized art follows life very close. This article-Man Kills Boyscout Leader is almost on the same subject. The fact a child can be raped, stalked into adulthood, have his own child threatened by the same abuser, and he is the one sent to jail is ridiculous.


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I read the article. What a sad story. And I can certainly understand how the victim could be pushed to do what he did.

Great post.

Ellie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hard subject to digest; so sad!
There should be a different way to deal with this type of crime!

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