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I'm posting early because I tend to spend the weekends running the road. I may get a chance to visit my sister. She doesn't feel well and is not talking today. Visit the 'H" part of the alphabet and send out a prayer.

is for inspiration. I love the sound of Coldplay and find many of their songs to be inspirational. When I was a part of a certain church (which became a little cultish to me) they never wanted you to listen to any form of secular music, beyond believing Obama to be an anti-Christ and the ruler of all things, (as if God is giving up His throne) there were plenty of other issues that caused me to leave.

Not all religious music is inspiring. I tend to find God is a lot of different forms of music. After all, God does want us to enjoy life and everything is as pure as you, your behavior and your thoughts make them. When we take the good and turn it into the 'bad' that is when we sin. Wasn't Jesus a fun loving guy? Tested by all things as a human? We just have to follow His steps.

 Sometimes I feel a little melancholy (like today) and one day I decided I needed a theme song. I repeatedly listen to this song because its quiet and I can sleep through it when I have my Ipod plugged into my ears in the middle of the night. This is also a bit of  a re-post. So here's my theme song and one other from Coldplay I like is titled Fix You.Its not a video version, but someone took time to put up the words, which is what caught my eyes.

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Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Nancy, I hope your sister starts doing better. My sister had a lupus scare and I was terrified. Keep finding that inspiration. And, I look forward to "J."

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved "I" but you scared me I thought I was on the wrong alphabet. Prayers to your sister, have a good trip.

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I was also raised in a church where ALL secular music was bad. I've since learned, like you, that a lot of it is wonderful and uplifting. I too love Coldplay - one of my favorite groups.

I'm still praying for your sister. God is her healer. In Jesus' Name.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I grew up in a church where some members saw secular music as suspect as well (oddly enough, so was contemporary Christian music... maybe they all listened to talk radio?) I love praise and worship and CCM music... and I also agree 1000% with you that inspiration can be found in any type of music. I love your theme song... not too familiar with ColdPlay (beyond knowing the name) but agree that the songs you posted are inspiring! Great post!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said... Best Blogger Tips

You bring up a good point. I find inspiration and God's messages in a lot of secular music as well. I've always been careful to check out the band and the song lyrics before purchasing my music, and there's a lot of uplifting music out there.

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