Monitoring Our Use of Words

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On a few sites I read this morning ( Rachel Gardner  and Chris Brogan) the value and conscience on how we use words were discussed. I even blogged a few thoughts at my Wade-In blog . This also gave me a chance to mention facts from the Beads on a String Racially Intertwined Biographical History Book and how mere words can change the way we think about individuals, history, and the world.

Fact 1: The concept of race was established by one German physiologist/anthropologist named
JFLOWTEXTLINK ,WEB,HTTP:////,,ohann Friedrich Blumenbach, 1 thesis paper titled On the Natural Varieties of Mankind , 5 categories, and 60 skulls.

Fact 2: On further study Blumenbach changed his mind, but couldn't take back his words.
Fact 3: So much more can be learned by reading  Beads on a String Racially Intertwined Biographical History Book. 
Do you think the use of words can make a difference in life or work?


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