What Do You Believe?

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Because he is the human epitome of the giving heart.

I believe in Santa Clause because I believe a giving heart has to have prayed to the most giving spirit of them all. I have had this statue for over twenty-five years and it sits out every day. I bought it for Karra's first Christmas to give me hope for her to be out of the hospital and home for Christmas and she was. I keep it out because every Christmas has been a challenge and a blessing. This is not my favorite time of year. From November to the end of December has plenty of sorrowful memories. I am believing this will be a different time and I am thanking God for it now.

Wouldn't it be great if today was the day? The day for awesome blessings to rain down. Wouldn't it be great if today was the day all of our hearts desires for ourselves and others are fulfilled? I'm believing today is that day.


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