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So, yesterday we drove down to have dinner with the family at my mom's house. In my mom's house one particular, childless older cousin was there and made this comment about me having the boys: "Why do you have them? How do you always end up in situations like this? You always have other people's children until they are potty trained and learning something and then they come and get them. They should just call your house 'The house of Nancy. You don't want your kids drop them here.' Why do you keep doing that to you and your children? She started naming the children who have been through our house.You should just give them back Are they giving you money?"

I was like "Oh my God! Can I be in the house for five minutes?" I began to feel as if I were being insulted. I mean dang, these little guys are our family members. Their grandmother is our first cousin. Their great grandmother is my mom's (and her mom's)sister. You help those in need, right? Here is what their family says.


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