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Earlier on my Pencilnpen blog I ranted relentlessly about the loss of items on my beloved My Precious. Even as I typed the words my mind and heart was aching at the thought of Micheal Jackson's mother. I pray peace of mind for her, MJ's children and their family members. I can not imagine anything worse than knowing your child is dead and then finding out it could have been prevented. It doesn't matter if the man used drugs or not. The main thing is Micheal hired a professional to do a job and it was not done.

Reminds me so much of the things I say when it comes to the childcare profession. A person can have all of the degrees he can attain and if he is unreliable....the outreach is far and like the arms of an octopus; sucking and life threatening. I bet many people are running like chickens with there heads cut off as I write. I think of the women who worked in his office. Simple servants removing items from a storage facility and smiling and laughing through their interview. Wow, what about all of the others who unknowingly will be come apart of this incompetence. God help them.

So, my question is...does responsibility on the job stop at the employer? If that is the case can someone totally blame Michael for his own death? If employers fail to do the right thing and the employees knows better and still does what is wrong, should he/she be held responsible?


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I am no M.J. but my Dr. would never give me anything inappropriate. On the other hand looking at the time line of medications given, you can see that Dr. was under huge pressure from his patient to get him to sleep. Well looks like he did the job he was paid to do. Sleep well, M.J.

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I guess my question really should have been...do you do what you are told even when you know it is not right?

It's not the timeline between medications that is the problem it is the time between first signs of not breathing and call for 911. 90 minutes with three personal calls made before calling for help that will be his downfall.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

When you are in need of money & you just got the job, you do as you are told. But I am hoping if things had happened differently that Dr. would have soom came to his senses.

It seems that MJ knew the doc was financially strapped & desperate.

All that said, I think the Dr. was libel to an extent & his license should be revoked.

I have been in situations where I had to make tough decisions to leave when I know things were not done by the book. It's hard isn't it?

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