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Yesterday I watched three different mega church services on tv. Each had a different pastor, but basically the same message. Yesterday I also listened to my mom on the telephone, she had the same message. Her message was first and I kind of blew it off because well she is 'just my mom'. Her message was about snakes, a dream she had, and dealing with inner feelings or intuitions. The Pastors all said the same, but used scriptures. I put a little more weight on what they were saying because they quoted the Bible and yet my mom's knowledge was from life and old folks tales. Whose knowledge is the correct key? What was the reason for me getting all of this message yesterday? I have no idea.

I, in my infinite tomb of knowledge believe in a mixture of all. I stay away from snakes because I have a huge fear of them. People whom I consider to have a dark motive for befriending or 'hanging' around me or sometimes even being kin to me, I avoid them as if they were a snake. In other words I listen to the inner voice which is my key of knowledge.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so introspective. I also use a combination of scripture, intuition, and gut feelings when dealing with life.

The case you described about getting the same message from different people in various forms is a clear warning to be aware of people coming into your life.

As older folks use to say "Everyone that is trying to befriend you don't nescessarily mean they want to be your friend."

I warn my kid about this all the time. So stay alert!

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