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Okay, I thank God daily that I do have a job because so many are without, but in the same breath I also question the new face of employers. It is a no wonder to the great stamina of man to continue working in this day and age. I have noticed the owners of businesses no longer value their employees. You can not count on your job to be there tomorrow because there is no loyalty. The 'at will' clause in employment was the greatest mistake put in action. This removed the 'boss' from being responsible to the workers in honesty and it made the worker feel as if no one cares in the long run. Please read- My Rant on Work

I believe in working as if I am doing it for the Lord. I believe in giving myself to what I am employed to do as if it were 'my' business and to be fair, honest and dependable. Stupid me, I sometimes get into work and start before I clock in. I forget about going behind a door, getting the time card and walking back into the office. I sometimes clock out and then have to help with something before I can leave the building and yet the boss does not care about the extras done to get people to enroll children in a day care center she is never in. Loyalty means nothing.

It seems like either a mass number of people are employed in certain fields so eight workers can be used at one to two hours each and the employer can claim the workers as part time or as contract workers so less taxes need to be paid out.

I see people walking around with resumes in hand going from building to building seeking employment, but who really wants to work at minimum wage when your hours are not set on paper? Forget stone. You are basically here today and thrown out tomorrow.

It stresses me immensely to even hint at lying, especially to people who are about to entrust me with the care of their children. I have been employed at a certain daycare for three weeks. last week my face started hurting. At first I thought it was my teeth (they are in dire need), but I have come to realize I am internalizing. I used to do it when I was young. Some people get ulcers I get knots and pain from temple down jaw line. Excedrine has become my drug of choice and the heat from the massager my best friend. If I were a crybaby I would drown the world.

I had stopped writing...feeling like what is the use. It may seem odd, but the passing of MJ made me look deeper into myself. Just who am I? What do I want people to see? And so I am making a return.

Whew! Hello world.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Brave! I find my writing to be healing. If I am writing I am not thinking of my problems. I may be writing about them but I am disconnected from them.

Yes the job thing is hard. I just know the perfect job is out there for you just like the perfect publisher. I think Lincoln failed 32 times at things before he got to be president.

Everyone that has ever been successful has failed more than a few times but kept going. Even Oprah had been fired and demoted before....

So keep searching for the right job, keep sending out your writing and rewriting. I know a winner when I see one. And you are one!

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