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No Easter This Year

I have been informed by text, email, and disappointed teens that I am the rat who caused Easter to be canceled this year.

I am soooo sorry. Eat off my ear why don't you.

In our family tradition is looked upon and chased after. Christmas when we were young was always at an aunts. She got older and it moved to my sister. The same with another aunt, Easter and myself.

The family Easter gathering had been at my house for the past seven or eight years. The house was huge with its long front porch, the Center corralled and entertained the infants and the yard was gigantic with plenty of spots for egg hunts. We had two a night. One for the little kids and yes, one for the ones who wouldn't let go of the basket.

Well the winds of change has come and I am sick about it too. Darn Ike and his big mouth and beautiful little town homes.

All I can say is....any ideas on where to hide the eggs?


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Our easter was rained out a few years ago so we had our hunt in my mother in law's living room. That was actually fun -- you'd be surprised how many nooks and crannies you'd find hiding things.

Also, if you're at an apartment that has a patio/outdoor area, see if you can use that to spend some time with family. Tell them to bring some chairs, ask if anyone has a portable barbeque, and have a blast!

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