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RELATIONSHIPS-Heartstrings, soul-ties and wishful thinking. Four shorts and a long tale of fortitude through difficult relationships.

The Battle is not Between Us. A woman confronts whom she thinks is the person having an affair with her husband.

No Regrets. A rejected wife and mother of eight finally takes a stand and puts an end to the mistreatment she receives from an ex-husband.

The Cooking Class. Franklin Henderson finds his true love behind the recipes in a cooking class.

Lesson Between the Lines. A woman ruminates on the lessons learned from an ex lover.

Betrayal . A young mother, thrown out of her home by her husband and her child taken away finds out love can heal a broken heart.

What do you think of these titles and short summaries? I think I will share a page a day beginning with the first story. Keeps me busy and hopefully you entertained.

The Battle is Not Between Us
Pg. 1)

Turning the burner off under the pot of rice and wiping the flour from her hand onto the front of her jeans, Quentin Alexander went to answer the knock on the apartment’s door.

The simultaneous opening of the door and the power of the unanticipated punch in the face knocked her flat to the floor. Without a pause a body landed on her and she was immediately struggling and blocking blows to her face. Adrenaline rushed through her veins like electricity through wires. Her heart felt ready to burst from fear and confusion.

Unable to return any of the blows that made contact with her body Quentin concentrated on blocking the blows to her face by holding her arms in a crossed position. Afraid the stranger beating her would kill her, she wrapped her legs around the lower torso of the person above. She pushed her crossed arms into the chest of the assailant and at the same time rolled her body until she was on the top of what she now knew to be a woman. The quick roll of the self-defense move had her as superior and she looked into the stunned glaze of her attacker. Breathing heavily, Quentin sat on the woman’s legs holding her straining arms stretched above her head and pinned to the floor.

“Be still because if you hit me again I will kill you. Who the hell are you?” she questioned.
“I’m Josiah’s wife.”
“Don’t try to act like you don’t know.”
“He’s not married. I asked him.”
The woman bucked her body to try and knock Quentin off.
“You are a liar.” She bucked again. “Get the hell off of me.”
“Hey, you’re a damned maniac. Bustin’ in my house and attacking me. I don’t know what you will do next. For all I know you could have a gun. I should call the police.” Quentin bounced on the woman’s legs. “Be stil, be still.”
Quentin, taking advantage of the power of her position to lift the woman’s head and chest for enough off the floor that the impact of the thrush downward would jar when her head hit the floor, Quentin slammed it down to her second command of be still.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

You never cease to amaze, inspire & entertain me with your terrific tales. I would love to read more but remember if you publish your stories here & later try to sell them you only get 2nd rights. And who would want to pay you if everyone has had free access. But I do want to read more.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

I understand, but it's a shorty.

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