Okay, So I'm a Whiner. Forgive me

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I had a really bad week and then I received the stupid response from the agent who requested my novel and got totally pissed and tore it up. After a while I fished it from the trash and took pictures of it.

I didn't tear the paper because she rejected the story, but because I felt like this was just used as a way to sell books she and her husband wrote. I have received a few rejection letters and have kept them, but for some reason I was irritated as hell with this woman.

First of all an author is admonished for sending queries on colored paper and yet I get a form letter on blue (really ugly in person) paper that begins with dear writer. Wait a minute, why does the author have to research the agents name as a courtesy, place your own name on every page of a manu and then be called 'dear writer'?

Second, why send me a form letter (pushing your product) and then take your time to scrawl my name on top with some stupid comment about not being able to turn a page. I know this book has potential and not just because I am the author but because it has already had great reviews from journalist and others in the business as well. Why couldn't she just say it didn't fit with what is being marketed today. There are no vampires, fairies or such within the pages. Which seems to be what is printed today.
Between this letter and these articles:

This Is Your Wake-up Call: 12 Steps to Better Book Publishing

Dan Menaker’s Response to Jon Karp’s 12 Steps to Better Book Publishing

and many other articles I have read lately I am really falling more in love with self publishing.

I decided I needed another outlet and have a new blog-Pencilnpen I don't know totally for what yet, but it is there. And Into the Deep will be snipets of my books.

Uhhh, let me get to searching other agents.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

O.K. take a deep breath and say 3 Hail Mary's. I received two pink slips in the same day. Double depressing!!! But I will keep writing and so will you. We can't help it. I invite you to follow my blog. At least that's something I know people enjoy reading.

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