The Glue

Best Blogger Tips

When it comes to hard things in life nothing holds you together like the women who care for you.

You can have an understanding father, a loving husband, or a dependable brother, but nothing pulls you through like a mother, a sister, a daughter or a female friend.

There are no words to explain it, they just do. Nothing holds you better than the feminal (my word & I'm sticking to it) glue.

Here's to holding on to the females in my life. Even if I don't have a picture here, you are in my every tap of the key.


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

I 100% agree. Women get women. Men don't. :)

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Right on!!!! I have a ton of dr's appt's and I have a philosophy final coming up. I'll ring u up as soon as I can. Thanks for following my blog.

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