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Have you listened to your heart lately? I know you are probably saying, who is she to speak with all of the heart things I have been letting pass by, right? Last night my daughters and I went to a 'ladies night out' at the museum sponsored by Memorial Hermann Hospital. Our goal was to snag free tickets to see the Body Works exhibition on Saturday, a gift Gillean wanted for her birthday. First of all Gill was there before us and got our reserved space ticket , for forty-five minutes we just stood around and watched women eating and drinking and we never saw the free exhibit tickets, but I did get a prize....a lecture on the warning signs of heart trouble in women. At first I was like, let's go. I thought I was going to see something all scientific and interesting, but there we sat in this room and was 'talked to'. From where I sat I never saw a person, just saw a screen and heard the voice of a female cardiologist explaining heart problems and treatment in women. Heart attacks are starting younger. My mom's first heart attack was at 39. She has had 2 quardruple bypasses. We are blessed she is still here.
Did you know more women die of heart attack than breast cancer? The ratio is outstanding!
Did you know more women dye of heart attacks than men?
Did you know a woman complains more of indigestion, nausea, shoulder pain and tiredness when having a heart attack or stroke?
Did you know that within the first twenty four hours a woman goes into the hospital complaining of heart problems she doesn't get the traditional treatment a man does?
Did you know the stress test and the EKG doesn't give accurate readings in a woman? You need and EKG and ultra sound.
My tick has gone, but just a little bit of irritation causes it to kick in and then my chest hurts. If I go through all of the little symptoms it seems to add to a big problem. I'm calling in the morning to get mine checked. Little things like a mytral valve prolapse (which I have)can go awray and cause problems.
Did you know I'm not playing anymore?
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Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I am having some little tics myself. Tingling on the left side of my face. I have had some back problems also. I have a 2nd appt next week with a spine dr. in Houston and an appt. this week with my PCP to let him know what is going on in case he has some ideas. Stroke and heart problems run in my family. You better not play around.

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