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I was thinking about people and heartstrings, and soul ties yesterday and decided I may need to get into a new profession. Or at least into one where I don't have to meet and let people go. Or maybe I need to learn to let go and forget.
Today is the last day I will work with the little twins, after all it was only temporary. I knew this. I just find it amazing how close you become to children in such a short time. They are mobile now and crawl (all smiles and giggles)to me when I come in in the mornings and crawl after me (crying) when I am leaving. Yesterday a friend of their family came for a visit and the boys scampered quickly to hide behind my legs. Looking up in that little kid protect me glaze.
People stay in your mind. For years. You may never see them again or remember their names and yet you will remember something about them. I have seen adults I cared for as children and can remember some of the things they did as kids.
I thought of my dad, my grandmother, and a cousin. All of whom I would call on a daily basis, just to talk. All of whom are gone from the physical and yet remain.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow, I can feel your pain. I pray a more permanent job comes to you really soon. Don't forget o get a written reference from these parents.

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