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I Guess you all know by now that I have a thing for children...
When I wrote my book The Perfect Solution I passed this survey around to several public and home based childcare centers. A few of the centers used it as workshop material. Some of the answers on the returned surveys were kind of silly. A request was posted for it and here it is. I believe it has questions even parents should ask their potential care giver.

Who is Caring for Your Child--The Survey
If more room is needed for answers, number accordingly and write on back.
These questions pertain to everyone from janitorial to director. Please do not let your position in your particular center bias your answer. You may hold the key to making your center the best. Please answer questions as completely as possible without using the minimum standards books. If you have a unique way of handling things please include you suggestions.

1) Do you love working with children? _________Why? Would you ditch a planed activity to just play with the children?_________________.
2) How long have you worked in childcare? _______. Do you feel the same way about the childcare field as you did in the beginning?
3) Do you think the amount of money you are paid reflects your work?_____ Your worth?______. Would you, as a staff member, report consistent negligence, abuse, or misconduct that occurs in your center? _____ If no, why not? If you did report within the center and actions remained the same, would you report to higher authority?_____ Do you think keeping the building clean and sanitized as part of your job?_____ Why?
4) Not considering your salary as a necessity, how important is your responsibility in childcare?
5) Do you feel that your actions, attitude, morals affect the children you are working with? ______ Why is it important that the parents have respect for you?
6) Do you feel that it is important to ‘get along’ with other staff members?
7) Do you believe it is okay to go to work and just ‘mind my business’?
8) Who do you feel is responsible for the overall conduct, or actions that occur within the center? Why? Do you believe it is right to leave prospective clients waiting unnecessarily ?
9) Would you take exception to someone walking around, observing, and taking notes everyday all day? Why?
10) What is your idea of a ‘safe’ environment?
11) What are the most important pieces of information to be posted over each crib in the infant room or near the crib in a home center? My suggestion:
12) What do you feel is the best way to make sure the room is safe for infant care? My suggestion:
13) Should each infant have a specified crib? If not, how would you distinguish
Who uses each crib? My suggestion:
14) What would you do if there were a fire in the center and you worked with infants? My
15) Do you believe an infant can be educated? ________ What do you feel about interaction with infants 0-12 months?GENERAL CARE
16) Why do you think it is important to have a list of the children in your care posted on the wall? Do you think it is important to have their emergency information posted also? My suggestion:
17) How often should you count the children in your care? _____________ Why? My suggestion:
18) Do you feel it is important to carry the list of children with you when you (and the children) leave the room?
19) Do you believe there should be a designated routine established in your center for field trips? _____. What would you do before and after a field trip to make sure all children are safe and accounted for?
20) I believe cell phones are a major asset between center and van drivers. Center and director. What do you feel?
21) When on field trips, do you think there should be a designated ‘lead’ teacher? _______. Why?
22) What do you think should be the routine for safe daily van/car transportation? How would you make sure that no children are left on the van/car?
23) Do you believe the teachers need short breaks throughout the day? _____ Why? ________ What would you suggest?
24) If you were in the farthest class from the office how would you relate your needs to the office or others?
25) Do you think it would be beneficial for all classes/home to have intercom systems or video monitors?
26) What would be an approved reason to leave your class (inside or outside) without adult supervision?
27) How do you handle such a situation in a home center? If you are the only adult, how do you handle lunch preparation? Restroom breaks? Etc) Do you feel it is your responsibility to be aware of whom enters the building?
28) What information should a parent share when bringing their child to center in morning?
29) Do you think parents should be allowed to bring strangers into the building/home when leaving or picking up their children?
30) Do you think there should be a designated place for visitors to wait for clients to get their child (ren)? ___. My suggestion:
31) If you did not know the person that has come for a child, what would you do? Remember, you are in the farthest room from the office.
32) Where should initial identification have been?
33) What is your procedure?
34) What would you do if child refuses to leave with the person after identification has been made?
35) The child is the last child in the center. You are tired and ready to leave, but the child is hysterical and refuses to leave. What would be your response?
36) What do you feel your responsibility is when working in childcare and where does it end?
37) If a serious accident or death occurs in your childcare center, who should be responsible?
38) From children playing in the restrooms, to running in the hallways, how observant or conscious are you being on a daily basis in all areas? My suggestion.
If you feel that you can elaborate on this survey, please feel free.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I remember that awful time in my life when I had to answer the question, "who is going to tend to my kid when I return to work"? This survey brings back the memory of me asking some of those precise questions to perspective day care centers.

I hated the answers and hated what I saw. Maybe I was just squemish being a first time mother. My husband made the decision to hire a nanny to come in. Yes it was totally worth it but what about those mothers that have to rely on a day care? Hopefully things have changed but from your previous blogs I don't think so.

I would have paid anything to have someone as caring as you to look after my baby in a day care.

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