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Hope... from one of the blogs that speak to me the question of 'hope' arose. What am I hoping for? For the past few months I have been hoping for a peace of mind. It has come to me that peace of mind has always been there, but I was standing in the way. Larger than life with worries and doubts and blocking all aspects of hope from view. Once hope is completely hidden, so is the light. Last night I was sitting out on the porch listening to the largest chime tinkling and remembered why I bought it. A few years ago a lady in church came up to me and gave me an envelope with a $100 dollar bill in it. She said God had told her to give it to me. I was so happy, not for the money but because I had been doubting whether God even remembered my name. I was like you're kidding. No one had ever told me God had said something to them about me. I had watched prophesies being said over many people and had sat in anticipation many times. This revelation from her astounded and excited me. I wanted to put the money right on a bill, but the idea of a chime was deep in my heart. It is a nice sized chime and it's soft tinkling can be heard within the house even on the smoothest breeze. On the wood of the chime I wrote these words"When God Speaks of Me", so every time the wind blows I am comforted because God speaks of me in His every breath. LOL. I get joy, I get hope. I see the Light.

Remember that video I posted weeks ago "No Keys Can Speak Louder"? That is how I see God with my problems. Arms out stretched and holding them back until the time is right. You should really watch the video.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved that video and watch it often. I cry because I know all those evils are out there trying to separate our children from their love for God. I hope that guardian angels are strong enough to hold back the evil long enough for our children to find shelter from the storm.

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