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Do you realize how easy it is to imprint yourself on a child? A grandparent called me the other day, I hadn't spoken to her in nearly two years. The child had been in my care from 18 mos until she turned four and moved on. The grandmother wanted to let me know how much her granddaughter reminded her of me. funny, I couldn't figure out how. She says of all her grandchildren Payton is the only one that talks softly, proper and is really smart. Wow. I tend to see mine and my daughters mannerisms in all the children we keep. They tend to remind me of my own girls when they were younger. Sometimes I wonder whether or not I make a difference in their lives once they are gone. I have met parents from thirty years ago who drag their adult children up to me and say, this is "Ms. Nancy, remember her? she..." I shall watch my steps better.

This is a prayer I would read in the mornings while rearing my girls and I put by the sign in sheet for the parents. Something I try to live by..
Lord, give me the strength of spirit, the power of faith, and the patience of love to be a comforting heart to my children.


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The kids you keep watch you closer than you'll ever know. It's comforting to know that they are in such good hands and have a spiritual and well-educated role model. Unfortunately, many kids don't get that from home these days so they need people like you to lead them on the right path. Keep up the great work!

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