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My Mind Working Overtime-
Bet you can't guess what I have done this weekend. I wrote. I didn't sleep at all Friday night..(read post below)I stayed up typing and watching a movie. I tapped on those keys until all I could smell was smoke. I'm not kidding, I kept asking the girls if they smelled anything. Ha haha.I have finished three stories for three different magazines. The first won't except until August 15th, but I am ready. My be write and ready. What do you think about that Jess & Debra? I think being 50 makes you smarter.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome to the world of "creative economy". We didn't make it to 50 by not being creative. When you are a millionaire author (and you will be) just remember the little women like Jess and I

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