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Yeah for Independence For the last few days my computer has been giving me the blues. Started with the mouse, the stupid little thing kept stalling, and then it would run across the page at random speeds and wherever it wanted before finally not moving beyond the bottom of the page. So I exchanged the mouse for the one off The Center’s computer. Yesterday when I turned on the computer…everything was gone. I was speechless. My desktop was like a brand new screen. At first I wanted to panic and then I remembered to back the computer to a previous restore point. It worked and I went out to get me a lap top….yeah for independence and freedom.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that laptop. I may forget to bring my husband on vacation but I won't leave without my laptop. Actually my husband, daughter and myself each have our own and we lug them around whenever we go out of town. My husband is a "news" and "finance" junkie. My daughter is "My Space" addicted and me well I am trying to be a WRITER. Yea for independence!!!!

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