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I Thrive on Unity....I had the greatest feeling as I sat in the writer’s guild meeting tonight. Unity. When we swung those chairs around in anticipation of gaining knowledge and communion as a group, I felt like I was at home, at least the home in my mind. There within the huge circle of grown people fidgeting in the chairs in the children’s section of the Barnes & Nobles I felt as if I was in the company of familiars. No one in my blood family writes. None of my family members understands the relationship I have with the characters living their own lives in my subconscious, nor feel my need to bring those people out and bind them within the covers of a well written award winning novel. While I sat in that chair gleaning from those surrounding me I felt their characters reaching out to mine in joy and hope. Tonight, I felt unity.


Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I totally forgot about that tonight. But, it is a great group!

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never met a writer I didn't like. Seriously! Writing transcends everything. It makes you go without sleep, skip meals, and yes be color blind. It is what I love the best about writers, we are only concerned about the black words on the white paper, the only other color we see is green if our work sell. The rest we leave up to the mere mortals.

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