Other People Touching My Keys

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I May Be Wrong, But...

I believe there is a difference between advice and butting in. I know I had thought about selling everything and moving out of my house, but that was only because of the slowness in income. Things always get better. I realized yesterday after the guy I am buying my house from called and suggested I sale the house and maybe we'll get the amount remaining to be paid and if not we will share whatever profit. Negativiy has been spoken almost since the first day I began this arrangement. Almost everytime I talk with him he says something about the uselessness of the Center. The first words he ever says are negative and then he tries to talk the faith talk. Dang, makes me wonder what kind of negative things are being said in a consistent manner. I believe in the effects of words. True issues are going on,but I believe a change is coming. I can just feel it. I am wading in the water. I just wish he would keep his hands off of my keys.


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