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Still staying & pondering. I don't know what to say about today. As I stood in the dim, cluttered hallway of that daycare I remembered all of the reasons I left public daycare. I admonished myself for being too picky and walked all around. The lights were off everywhere and if I had not known it was nap time I would have thought it was closed. I finally spied someone in a class but she ignored my wave. When I heard a baby cry I went to that class and was told I was early (2:45) and to come back at three. I almost didn't go back
To make a very loooong story short, when I returned at 3:00 I was told the director was with someone and could I wait. I ended up waiting 25 minutes with a potential client for the daycare while the person in the office gossiped with the mail lady. Then, they didn't have any copies of the application and when the woman in the office tried to make copies she could only give me the first page and literally told me to go home, fill it out and then bring it back.What? Okay to end it all, when I was leaving I noticed the gate to the driveway was open again and despite the large sign begging parents and staff alike to close the gate
this was the third time. Their lack of professionalism, lack of organization, lack of good monitoring and supervision (after seeing the school aged children)and a few other things I won't mention turned me off. Too much like the book I wrote. I don't know what the Lord has planned, Shelah.


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