Don't Let the World Rain on Your Parade. All We Need is LOVE. #thingslegendsaremadeof

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Goober Abbott is such a hypocrite- the vote didn't make you God.
 He speaks "religious rights" for believers then wants to say who is a true believer. "It is not acceptable that people of faith be exposed to such abuse," he continued. "Displays of hate and intolerance against people of faith should be denounced by all people of good will and spark concern among anyone who believes in religious liberty and freedom for all." Your own words prove you're a moron.

Faith is believing in a substance unknown. God/Jesus is unknown. A belief you believe in your spirit, heart, soul, mind...whatever.

HIS word- written and rewritten by man, taught by man, believed by man, interpreted by man, followed by man. Man said, God said "Love," Above all else love. Nothing greater than Love. No if ands or buts... Religion says BUT...
Gonna be a mighty sad day when all the saints get to Heaven and the sign says,  ENTER IF YOU LOVED ALL, WITHOUT A BUT.

Have your opinions, make sure it doesn't effect your heart. Cuz I heard, and I'm not one to spread false rumors, but God said, He judges the heart of man.

There are some really good people in the world- Your daddy, brother, sister, cousin,auntie, black, red, yellow, white,man, woman, single mother, co-worker,best friend- who you stab in the heart- when you bash their race, religion, sex, and orientation. And then you want to turn around and love on them. Hypocrite.

If I heard wrong and religion/Faith is not about love, please let me know. There are a lot of damned people I can turn my back on right now. Loving some of those fools is hard work.


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