Carry Your Own Cross, Leave Others Alone. #duckdynasty #getalife

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When will the media find something else idiotic to worship?

Everyone is sick of hearing the quacks from reality show wannabes. I have tired of seeing articles about a long bearded guy spouting his misguided beliefs. His racism and intolerance is easily seen. I can't accept the way some Black Christians jumped to agree with this man and never bothered to read the rest of his statement. Crazy. Seems as long as you start your tirade with a scripture, all is right.
A loud mouth person who believes one race belongs back in the days where their very existence could be  eliminated at the whim of another has absolutely no credibility in my books. I don't care how he spouts his jumbled up scriptures when he chooses to leave out the main one which speaks of love and the treating people the way you want to be  treated.

I don't understand the joke of headlines validating idiot women(I won't say the name of that woman from Alaska who waves at Russia through her back door.) who don't read the words, but jump on the back thumping band wagon of this bearded man.
I used to believe in following "Christians" until I realized too many are just people blindly  following  earthly men who have memorized, fictionalized, twisted and manipulated the Word to further their own agenda. Using scriptures to justify their homophobia, gender hate, and racial discrimination.

You don't  need someone to tell you what the Lord has for you or has said about you. The same way He can tell that man, He can tell you. People need to recognize, you can't be letting any and everybody speak on your life and behavior.

Carry your own cross and stop pretending you're sin free, better than all who are around you and legalized to swing that piece of wood to beat others on the head.

People tend to forget they were saved just like the religious leader, reborn to follow the life and teachings of Christ. They forget they were given the same measure of faith as that flesh man, the same ability of discernment, the same standing in God's eyes and they lay their understanding at that man's feet and follow blindly like sheep.  Doubt may bang at their hearts, reluctance may pull at their feet, and their ears may hear the warning bells, but they refuse to lift their heads and see the true light. Before long, all they will see is darkness, paranoia, and  hate. And in the end, they will move back into those days where the very existence of one race, culture, or orientation could lose their existence to the negative whim of another.


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