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Of course I lied to myself. I read the article, felt mildly irritated and was about to flip the screen when I spotted a derogatory comment and another and another. Before I kew it I answered....I'll never do it again.
Just saying, TM wasn't a saint as the black caucus portrays.
What did that Black boy do to deserve to die? Post pictures on the internet...everybody does. Text bullshit on his private phone...everybody does....go out to buy candy and a drink....everybody does....wear something to protect him in the rain....people put protective gear on their damned dogs and babies. So, shoot the dog for barking when someone confronts him, shoot the baby for crying because a stranger steps in his face, shoot the teen because he confronts someone following him, someone who knew before hand they had the advantage because they had a gun in their pants. All who believe this was premeditated is a blind idiot. Angel or not, Martin didn't go to Zimmerman's car or near him, that want to be rent a cop defied orders and won his case by the loop holes of a deadly law. A law that only protects the aggressor and you should be praying you never have to be in the same situation bevause it gibes liberty for any and everyone to walk up to anyone pull the trigger and shout I'm atansing my ground. Its not a case of Zimmerman winning, its a case of every law abiding citizen losing their rights to walk safely on any street or sit in their car. Go on, Stand your ground.
And then I see this from a fellow Texan and the first few sentences are promising before the guy falls off a cliff.
Fists are weapons. We just had a guy convicted of killing a guy with one punch. He hit him, he hit the ground with his head, and he died. He wasn't defenseless. If he threw the first punch and had the lower hand when he picked a fight with a guy who had a gun. Then he lost. It was a tragedy. I wish both had made other choices that night. I feel horrible for Martin's family. Our president had an opportunity to lead our country and instead he has made it the most divisive country in many generations. Community leader stands for trouble maker instead of peace maker.
love how everything falls back on Obama. The Stand Your Ground Law is the problem. Voted in action when Bush was President. The tiny little creveates are what set that murder free and thats the biggest BLACK and WHITE issue. The words on a piece of paper. If it weren't for that law, that wuss assed little punk Zimmerman would have gotten time because he stalked that boy...a crime before and free ticket, now. And that new law works both ways. Of course, a little easier for some people. I'm a Texan too and that law is damned wrong, a free pass to kill, and coming to a neighborhood near you.
Sometimes the world sucks.


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